On the Jazz Scene

Music curation and writing that stretches across new avenues of experimental music, cultural criticism, research, and more.

  • The New Experience
  • Sound/Sight/Movement Mini Series
  • Loud Week Festival
  • Fire Music at the Legion
  • New Revolution Arts Concert Series
  • New York Tenor Saxophone Festival

In addition to being a regular contributor for sites like Jazz Right Now and Jazz Tokyo, I curated the above music festivals, and contributed to critics polls for NPR Music and El Intruso. My current writing and research focuses on the history of the American musical avant-garde, with particular focus on the roots of free jazz, contemporary experimental music in New York, and free jazz oral histories and biographies. You can read more on that here.

A selection of recent excerpts from Jazz Right Now — a site on New York’s experimental jazz scene that I founded in 2013 — follows.

“I say, there is no single right way to play jazz. Some of the comments made about my music make me realize though that modern jazz, once so daring and revolutionary, has become, in many respects, a rather settled and conventional thing. The members of my group and I are now attempting a break-through to a new, freer conception of jazz, one that departs from all that is “standard” and cliche in ‘modern’ jazz.”

— Ornette Coleman, 1960.

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